Why choosing an inexperienced Miami realtor can be the biggest mistake you ever made.

Real Estate transactions and the involvement of realtors differ from country to country. Firstly, it is a mistake to think that real estate in Miami works like it does in your own country. In Brazil or Europe for example, you do not have a system like the MLS (Multiple Listing System) in which all Miami realtors upload their listings for everyone to see. So unlike most other countries, where different agents have access to different properties, in Miami all agents can see and offer you the exact same properties.

This does not mean, however, that you will get the same advice from each agent in Miami. The fact that each Miami realtor has access to the same properties does not take away from the fact that you need to screen them on experience and knowledge. We summed up the pitfalls of picking the wrong agent and we explain how to pick the right one!

Why you need a good realtor



  • How does the agent market your property?
  • How will the agent take pictures of your property? Professionally or with his own cell phone?
  • How big is the agent’s client database?
  • Does the agent have international outreach with his company or within his own group?
  • What if someone wants to see your property on a Sunday morning – is the agent willing to go show it in the weekend?
  • Is the agent going to organize open houses?
  • Does the agent use social media to market this property or any other important websites?
  • Does the agent use any other marketing material that sets him apart from the other agents? Eg. videos, glossy flyers, global campaigns and so forth.
  • Does the agent have a high ranking and presentable website?
  • Does the agent always answer his phone? Or is it hard to reach him?


  • How many properties has this agent listed/sold in his career?
  • Does the agent have experience with this kind of listings and the potential buyers it attracts? Market knowledge
  • Can your agent tell you which likewise properties have sold in the last half year, and what they have sold for?
  • Can your agent tell you which properties are your 5 biggest competitors in the market right now and how your property distinguishes itself in today’s market?


  • How are the agent’s negotiating techniques to get you the best price? Does he normally sell close to asking price?


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